Award-winning Ingenuity

In 2011 Blue Saffron Limited (BSL) won the Comms Business Award for the innovative use of technology to address a range of operational issues experienced by one of their highly-successful client’s.

As a thriving multi-site UK recruitment company BSL’s client faced a number of challenges within its telecoms and IT operations. Rapid growth and a legacy of mixed-bag contractual arrangements created inconsistencies and unnecessary costs to the company. The complexity of their infrastructure also had an impact, with each of the 16 sites tending to work at a local level, making integration challenging. Their communications were compromised leading to lost revenue and ultimately they had been shaped around the IT and communications infrastructure rather than the framework being tailored specifically for them.

BSL’s talented team of experts, through their in-depth knowledge of the recruitment sector, were able to tailor and implement a technology solution that incorporated  

BSL worked closely alongside their client to understand their unique requirements, auditing their existing infrastructure and developing a standard configuration that incorporated their communications and networking needs. Within that, a transition plan was implemented to ensure changes were managed efficiently, with the minimum of disruption, while a simplified telephony system was installed across all 16 locations.

The new set up had a significant impact, both commercially and operationally. The client saved around 20% on overall communications spend, equivalent to £45k per annum. Missed calls were a thing of the past, increasing productivity and revenue gain, while the client acquired online administrative freedom through a self-service portal giving them true ownership. Through merging all the functions, a platform for business continuity was created along with a resilient security framework. BSL’s innovative pricing meant that the client now had consolidated billing allowing for improved internal cost accountability and management information. And with a dedicated, expert account manager, backed up by an ongoing account review, the client is assured high- level support and evolutionary thinking, in line with their changing business needs.