Blue Saffron Business Continuity

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning are fundamental to the well being of an organization. Contingency measures are intended to ensure continuity in the face of unforseen or difficult circumstances.

Planning for these situations is not always straight forward, and neither is identifying suitable sources of information, services and products. The requisite planning tasks themselves can also be challenging.... none more so than the building of the plan itself.

In today's competitive and service-led business environment, both public and private sector organisations are judged on their ability to provide effective levels of service at all times. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a key component in achieving this objective and ensures your organization is able to continue operating its critical business processes - at pre-determined and agreed levels of service - following an incident or unforeseen interruption.

Can your organisation positively respond to questions such as:

Managing your infrastructure, voice and data communications integrity, the safety of your electronic Data and your major incident communication needs is key.

Technology plays a vital role in any business continuity and Disaster Recovery plan, and we work with the very best in the industry to ensure you have everything you need, just when you need it most.

From extreme disasters such as fire and flood to the more typical day to day crisis, like server downtime, Blue Saffron can assist clients in planning for all levels of emergency. We carry out extensive analysis of our client's IT and telephony infrastructure, including back-up and recovery procedures. Armed with this information, we will evaluate offsite storage and recovery sites and tailor a disaster recovery plan, including guaranteed service level agreements and recovery times.

Blue Saffron have solutions designed specifically for companies to provide comprehensive Disaster Recovery Service - this can variously guarantee workspace, technology and highly professional support staff.

Blue Saffron have the solutions to underpin your Business Continuity strategy.

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Phone Systems IP Telephony A wide range of purchase, support and maintenance options to ensure phone system integrity
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Resilient Solutions

A market leading portfolio of broadband products from 512Kb to high end managed wide area products
IT Resource Management Services A full service lifecycle from procurement to disposal
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