Blue Saffron Cost Management

Efficient, cost effective communications services are essential to every organisation. Unfortunately many businesses do not have the resources, time, or budget to undertake Bluesaffron audit and best practive advice on cost reduction and can offer analysis of the performance and costs of their networks and staff provide effective outsourcing options for IT and communications management, eliminating the need for purchasing and administering a call management system and costly hardware.

Item Discussion Blue Saffron Service
Reduce the cost of your “output fleet” Reduce the cost of printers, scanners, fax machines and copiers is generally low-hanging fruit for ICT managers. Blue Saffron IT Resource Management
Consider the use of open source  software Consider use of open source alternatives to the more established players  
Virtualisation  of server and  desktop   Blue Saffron IT Resource Management
Optimise your help desk Determine your optimal help desk state and consider partial outsource, focus on:
  • Reduce the help desk annual cost per user and tickets per user
  • simplifying the help desk and improve efficiency metrics
Blue Saffron Support
Consider application retirement Important to weigh up the costs of maintenance and support of legacy systems against newer web based applications.  
Asset management Software Asset Management (SAM) can drive savings of 30% or more on software licensing and administration Blue Saffron IT Resource Management
Blue Saffron Service Monitoring
Reduce Network Costs Cede management of internal network (both local and wide area) to a managed network provider Blue Saffron Managed Data Network
Review existing expenditure Review asset utilisation and costs paid Blue Saffron IT Resource Management – this can  include audit to help effectively cost benchmark and a review of Procurement process
Consider managed services Consider partnering or outsourcing  for non core activity Blue Saffron Managed Services
Green IT Historically not a genre of activity  generally associated  with a cost cutting agenda but today some  large benefits to be reaped Blue Saffron Green IT