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The fact that mobile workers are more productive than their deskbound counterparts is a well established fact. According to a global research by the Economist Intelligence Unit Over 70% of the 1,500 workers surveyed consider access to mobile technology as either important or critical to success in their industry.

The capability to be more responsive to colleagues, better-informed and able to make decisions faster were highlighted as the strongest benefits of mobile working. In terms of the device and associated application, speed and reliability of connection were seen as the most important attributes, with affordability considered the least important.

Respondents who declared themselves "very satisfied" with their company's mobility policies reported consistently higher levels of productivity. However, while this encompassed a quarter of the sample, a further 26% were dissatisfied with the way their companies tried to help them communicate when out of the office.

Increasingly, workers expect to spend less time at their desks, with only 11% predicting they would clock up more hours in the office in 2006. Contrastingly, 39% anticipate telecommuting from home and 42% expect to work while travelling on business.

Source: Economist Intelligent Unit January 2005

Mobility reaches the mainstream

Mobile working has made the transition from vague aspiration to the mainstream in a very short space of time. So Computing's survey, in association with O2, offers an important snapshot of how far we have come. What is clear is that the hype is becoming reality. The reason is not a triumph of the case for work-life balance, although fear of regulation forcing more flexible working is becoming a driver. More realistically, it is because a rapidly-changing market has created very attractive buying conditions.

The technology has advanced at an astonishing pace. Better chips, for example, have added real muscle to better-built, lighter, Wi-Fi enabled laptops, and it's been no surprise to see the market grow 30 per cent over the past year.

Tablet PCs promise even greater convenience on the move, and ever-improving PDAs now offer robust versions of key desktop software. And we are beginning to understand the potential of smartphones.

The marrying of voice and data in a format with which most people feel comfortable offers exciting new business opportunities.

All this new power has coincided with plummeting prices. Once the big question for business was 'why?' Now that prices are so low, many are asking 'why not?'

The biggest advantages of mobile data are the improvement of flexible working practices, in the case of wireless networks and notebooks PCs, and better access to email, in the case of PDAs and handhelds.

Overwhelmingly, IT managers who rolled out these systems believed they had been successful. But there is evidence that few really think strategically about mobile working.

IT managers see the biggest barriers to investment in a mobile strategy as uncertainty about the return on investment and security. The security questions will take time to be answered, but the ROI argument may take even longer.

Slowly, there is a caseload building of examples of companies that have seen significant ROI or improved corporate performance from the implementation of mobile technology.

In the end, good example and word of mouth will do the rest.

Blue Saffron - A mobile service provider focused on business

Blue Saffron are not just any business mobile communications service provider, but one that really does focus on your individual needs at every level.

One that is prepared to go further and do what it takes to ensure your requirements are met.

As a business customer we will analyse your requirements and deploy our expertise to provide you with a tailored solution that meets your needs as an individual and not those of the mass market.

Mobile Data

Who uses mobile data?

What can you do with mobile data?

Mobile data for business on the move

Mobile data keeps you connected to office systems no matter where you are

Mobile data is an investment not an expense

Mobile data solutions needn't be expensive

Blue Saffron mobility provides highly secure and centrally managed expansive access to corporate data from remote and mobile users.

Give your people a broad range of remote access choices including dial, DSL, WiFi, and broadband for virtually anywhere, anytime access. Backed by a global network, Blue Saffron gives your employees the access they need while maintaining the high security, efficiency and manageability your enterprise demands.

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