Managed Products and Services Overview

IT Managed Services from one of London and the UK’s top Managed Services Providers.

A continuously evolving portfolio of managed services perfect for SME’s with between 20-250 employees as well as larger enterprises

The home grown products of any single telecommunications company, mobile operator or IT services provider can rarely meet all of the IT and communications needs of today's enterprise all of the time, this generally has the impact of increasing the time and money spent on procurement. This fact is clearly at variance with the well documented benefits of single sourcing, not least the more attractive economics derived from economies of scope, improved accountability and time saving.

BlueSaffron has evolved and operates a best of breed range of managed voice, data networking and IT solutions and delivers these within the framework of a "Virtual Operator" (VO) model. Unconstrained by geographic, economic or the technical limitations of a single network or technology BlueSaffron are free to make objective decisions in matching customer specific requirements with the best in class service.

BlueSaffron places significant emphasis on providing relevant and timely customer interaction, service quality and service breadth in designing a service delivery model that disrupts the traditional buying model.

Access to the more detailed descriptions of the Blue Saffron managed IT services portfolio is available through the website by one of four routes:


1. Managed Services by Service Range

BlueSaffron manage and operate services under six major service classifications, these are:

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2. Managed Services by Business Solution

BlueSaffron has engineered a number of specific business solutions these are:

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3. Managed Services by Service Name

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list of BlueSaffron services and products.

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4. Managed Services Network Map

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