Blue Saffron Rocketseed

What is Blue Saffron Rocketseed ?

Rocketseed's email branding and enhancement solution should form a key part of any marketing strategy. Enhanced email is not merely about email letterheads, email stationery or email signatures - it is about ever-changing enterprise engagement. Rocketseed uses its email branding solution (via any email software including Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express) to turn every employee into a sales and marketing agent.

The technology and service gives you the power to:

  • Turn all your everyday outgoing email into a powerful targeted and tracked marketing and communication tool
  • Send professional, personalised one-to-many emails/newsletters that are targeted and tracked
  • Accurately analyse and measure the performance of your email based marketing and communications
  • Manage/monitor the flow and use of all your corporate email from a central location, ensuring all your communications are legally compliant.

There are numerous unique and important features of Rocketseed Enhanced-Mail that have been developed over time.

The following provides a high level overview of the product's key aspects:

  • Rocketseed Enhanced-Mail uses solicited email and is not based on spam or mass email and does not require email lists. Each business communication is encapsulated within a legitimate one-to-one interaction which will with few exceptions be accepted and opened by the receiver
  • You can segment and target with respect to senders and receivers. This means that Rocketseed will insert a specific message/image (or multiples thereof) into an outgoing email which is determined by who sends and receives the email. Senders and receivers can be grouped according to what message you wish to send them. Furthermore, you can rotate messages so that one receiver does not continually receive the same message
  • The Rocketseed inserts are clickable (hyperlinked) and can direct the receiver to a website providing them with additional information. This will increase the general traffic to your website. Furthermore, you can take traffic directly to particular parts of your website without the viewer having to find or drill down to more information
  • Rocketseed tracks all inserts sent and clicked. This means you can see who is interested in the inserted message and much more. This would for instance allow salespersons to view detailed statistics on responses to messages inserted in their own outgoing email. The information can be drilled into to ascertain recipient names, when, what and if clicked, etc.
  • Rocketseed is centrally controlled using a browser such as Internet Explorer. This puts the power to manage email based marketing, advertising and communications in the hands of the right people - the marketers and communications specialists. This means that your marketing managers can change the messages for the entire corporation and align Rocketseed with other on-line and off-line marketing initiatives - without having to go through a technical department. Likewise, Rocketseed gives technical administrators central control over the management of email flow and usage
  • There is no impact on employees sending email. They will continue sending emails as they did before. This means that RocketseedT can be rolled out without any requirement for change management or training of email senders on how to use Rocketseed

Typical Client uses

Rocketseed enhances everyday e-mail but can equally demonstrate its utility in a number of business critical events

Common industry and event uses include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Product/Services Launch
  • Corporate Rebranding and Repositioning
  • Legal compliance
  • Call center improvement
  • Website Relaunch
  • Sales Channel Communication

What are the Benefits?

Below are some of the many benefits of using Rocketseed Enhanced-Mail:

  • Standardised communication - Rocketseed will ensure that all the email communications leaving your company have the same standard branding and look and feel. This includes targeted headers and general footer disclaimers
  • Professional look and feel - Rocketseed will ensure that your email communications adhere to the same high levels of professionalism that you demand from the rest of your organisation
  • More effective and efficient branding and marketing - Rocketseed will increase the effectiveness of your overall marketing and communication by leveraging your every-day communications with clients and other relevant parties. Furthermore, since it piggybacks on existing email infrastructure, Rocketseed is highly efficient from a cost perspective
  • Optimised marketing messages through live feedback and measurement - Rocketseed allows you to get immediate feedback on how interested people are in the messages you send. This enables you to act on and react faster to demands as well as modify or remove marketing messages that do not perform. Live research is also possible, providing instant feedback on surveys etc.
  • Improved marketing alignment and management due to central control - Because you can administer Rocketseed from one location, you will spend less time attempting to align and integrate all your online and offline marketing efforts
  • Improved sales and service due to better communication - Rocketseed will allow you to not only increase new business, but also strengthen retention efforts by improved communication with existing clients