Blue Saffron Broadband - Leased Line

Cost effective access

Available nationally, our leased line facilities provide fibre-based connectivity between your or your customer’s premises or between your premises and the internet. Blue Saffron’s service offers the right balance between the cost of high-quality, fast, reliable access and its business benefits.

Reliable high-speed access

Using proven leased line technology to create permanent connections saves time previously incurred connecting or waiting for access ports to free up. Connection is completely predictable – our leased line access avoids the pitfalls of copper quality.

Professional support around the clock

When your project runs on into the night, our support is alongside to manage and monitor potential problems. With 24 hour monitoring, our technical team detects faults as they occur – minimising the effect on your business.

When your Internet connection is mission critical, we can provide ISDN backup, which ensures that you will not lose critical applications and data, even in the unlikely event of your line going down. As your business grows, so will your Internet usage – and Blue Saffron builds in flexibility. With tiered access, a larger circuit (2Mbps) bought early on makes it simple to upgrade your service quickly and cheaply.

Global connections

Wherever you are based, our UK network is nearby, offering 64Kbps to 45Mbps leased lines throughout the country and 100Mbps fixed connections in London and Manchester. Unlike competitive offerings, our leased lines are clear bandwidth – no degradation of performance due to multiplexing or other users. Lines connect directly to our own national Tier 1 network – eliminating the problems encountered by using intermediary systems.

Technical Features
Leased lines available from 64Kbps to 100Mbps nationwide.
All leased lines are clear bandwidth – no contention ratios, no multiplexing and no loss of bandwidth from other users.
All lines are easily upgradeable and available as eitherbandwidth-on-demand or fixed bandwidth options.
Real-time usage statistics.
24-hour technical support free of charge.
Fully-managed Cisco 1721 router.
Unlimited IP addresses.

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