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Cloud Telephony - Horizon

Blue Saffron Limited (BSL) combines Cloud-based telephony with remote IT support to offer clients an integrated communications and IT support solution fit for the work from anywhere philosophy of the 21st century :-

End-To-end SLA

The Horizon offering is unique in the marketplace in providing a single operational SLA covering both network connectivity and platform. Whilst the Horizon solution makes use of IP telephony technology and is capable of operating over a standard Internet connection, the best results are achieved by using a congestion-free and high-performance dedicated access for the voice traffic that terminates directly on the Horizon platform.

Predictable telecoms costs

The service, including support, is based on a fixed monthly fee per extension. Blue Saffron offer a number of tariff packages, some of which offer bundled free national calls as part of the fixed monthly fee. All BSL’s packages provide reduced mobile and international call costs. (All use is subject to acceptable use guidelines).

Simplified administration

Centrally manage your users, extensions, handsets, numbers and policies for inbound call routing, using Gamma’s online administration portal. This allows you to access and manage your phone system securely over the Internet.

Minimise call loss with inbuilt disaster recovery

The phone system resides in the Cloud on Gamma’s highly resilient network and systems architecture. This means that calls can always be terminated on the Horizon platform from diverse and multiple site locations affording significant end user mobility.  The call management features of the platform allow you to define policies and pre-configure alternative destinations for calls, even if this destination is a personal mobile or voicemail.

Access to advanced call management features

Our customers often benefit from significantly enhanced system features such as auto attendant, call queuing, hunt groupscall recordinghot-desking, conferencing and remote working for either a small incremental or even a cost saving relative to legacy systems.

Flexible working; support for home or remote workers

Horizon puts the user in direct control over how their calls are managed. This means that features such as hot-desking options, call-forwarding, twinning and voicemail features can be managed directly by the user, using Horizon's online portal.

Handsets or softphones can be easily deployed and these connect automatically to Gamma's Horizon platform securely over any Internet connection.

One phone system regardless of location

Each office location, site or department can be managed and administered centrally. This allows inbound calls to be managed and transferred between locations, without incurring call costs between sites.

Complete control can be exercised over how inbound calls are managed, using the advanced call routing that comes as standard with the platform, ACD, call-queuing and hunt groups being two popular features.

Future proof telecommunications

Gamma is the largest provider of IP telephony solutions in the UK. The Horizon platform has been built and supported by significant investment from Gamma who has made an on-going commitment to an aggressive roadmap of future developments, enhancing an already extensive feature set.

As a Cloud-based service this means that you will always have access to the latest features and functionality without the headache or cost of managing a technology upgrade.

What is the cost of upgrading?

Try answering the questions below to assess whether the Horizon service is applicable to your business and then contact BSL – we will help you assess whether this is the right solution for your business.

As a rental solution, Horizon minimises the upfront capital investment. We often find that the solution provides demonstrable costs savings when compared with existing telecoms costs. At the very least the solution can be cost neutral, whilst providing a significant enhancement in terms of feature set and management capabilities.

See if you are eligible for the Horizon offer of free handsets. This can often eliminate the majority of installation fees.

Reduced line rental costs

What are your current monthly line costs?

ocation based handsets or softphones access the Cloud phone system via either a dedicated VoIP connection or the Internet. This means that we often only need to retain one or two legacy PSTN lines. In many line rental costs associated with expensive ISDN 30 connections can be eliminated.

In addition, Internet traffic and voice traffic can be delivered across a single converged service that may yield further consolidation and cost savings. This can be achieved without any degradation to the quality of phone calls.

BSL can assist in helping you understand the options for consolidating telecommunications costs.

Reduced support costs

What are your monthly support costs for your existing phone system(s)?

This solution simplifies the technology footprint and support effort typically associated with managing onsite telephony equipment and associated telecommunications lines.

Most Horizon deployments can be self-administered. This eliminates the costs associated with third-party telephony provider support.

Reduced administration overhead and costs

What is your average expenditure on adds moves and changes over the last 12 months?

Your virtual phone system, numbers, extensions, user groups, call queues, call recordings can all be managed via the administration portal in the Cloud, accessible via a browser. This means that we can eliminate costs for third party support agreements that incur charges for adds, moves and changes.

Reduced monthly call costs

Looking at your call costs over the last 12 months:-

The Horizon offering often means much lower monthly call costs:-

In taking the Horizon solution you would eliminate these costs. Call us and we can help you assess the full extent of the commercial benefits.

Find out more and access our video resources

Video resources

Horizon - Introduction to Horizon

Do yo find managing all your business communications complex and time consuming? Find out more about how Blue Saffron and Horizon could be your solution.

Horizon - Reliable Secure Platform

At the core of Horizon is a reliable secure IP network from Gamma. One of the UK's largest providers of voice services and applications.

Horizon - Centrailised Administration

As an administrator you can quickly scale and configure the system according to your organisation's changing requirements.

Horizon - Ever Missed an Important Call?

With Horizon's One Number Anywhere it will never happen again.

Horizon - Auto attendant

Auto Atendant creates a front door to your business.

Horizon - Call recording

With Horizon you can record inbound and outbound calls for compliance, customer service or audit purposes.

Horizon - Telephony in the Cloud

Horizon is an online Cloud-based service and is always available.


Support Resources


  Horizon User Guide

Online Videos

Horizon - Administration

A webinar recording of our Horizon administration training

Horizon - Features Training

A webinar recording of our Horizon features training 

Horizon - Cisco IP Phone SPA504G

Training on the Cisco IP Phone SPA504G

Horizon - Scheduling

Training on the Cisco IP Phone SPA504G


Horizon Case Studies

See how the Horizon solution has worked for other Gamma customers

Horizon Dignity Case Study
Read the case study to understand how the Horizon solution delivered operational cost savings whilst providing and enhanced feature-set that enabled the Dignity to address the issue of lost calls and lost business by leveraging Horizon’s resilient cloud based infrastructure to ensure that al calls are managed regardless of location.

Horizon case Study Fitz john’s Primary School
Read more to find how the Horizon offering replaced an aging and unsuitable phone system that was unable to adapt to the working conditions of the school, creating unnecessary administration overheads and eliminating uneconomical costs associated with lines and call charges.

Horizon Hatfield’s Garages
Download the case study to understand how the Horizon solution resolved communication issues across 11 sites, reducing the complexity and costs of managing multiple lines and phones systems at each site and enabling each location to manage their own call plans. In addition Horizon’s Cloud based solution meant that the client was able to eliminate significant inter-site call costs.

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