Blue Saffron Email

What is Blue Saffron Email?

While some email options have an entry list price of several thousands and beyond, BlueSaffron Email not only offers you very good value but also includes features like virus control, spam filtering, mail forwarding, distribution lists, and aliases.

BlueSaffron Email is a managed service in which the expertise and infrastructure to deliver and store email is hosted in secure IBM datacenters. We offer a a broad range of functionality from simple user accounts to complex shared exchange environments and mobile email applications.

With junk email stealing time and resource from your business, BlueSaffron Email adds an extra line of defence between your intray and potential viruses and spammers. Viruses are automatically removed, and the resultant clean emails forwarded to the intended recipient, ensuring that no important messages are lost. Outgoing mails are also scanned so that you do not send viruses inadvertently to customers and prospects.

BlueSaffron Email 's spam filtering cuts out unwanted - and unsuitable - emails, saving time, as users no longer have to read and remove spam, while messages can be downloaded faster without unwanted mass emailings.

Based upon the market leading Websense and Sophos technology, BlueSaffron Email Mail Control can provide a free-standing network based solution as a "bolt on" to your existing Email system. Mail Control is an Anti-Spam, Anti Virus and Content control service.

BlueSaffron Email is easily accessible from office, SOHO and home environments, or by your mobile workforce. It offers simple web-based access from any internet connection, anywhere, anytime.

All your email is received on our simple and resilient email system. It can then be forwarded to a chosen email address or held in a web-accessible mailbox. As we manage this, you save the cost of hardware and dedicated staff needed to manage your email. In addition, we include a free ".uk" domain name (registration or transfer).

BlueSaffron Email and Mobility

Take Email into another dimension by using one of our "push" Email solutions such as Blackberry. Implemented as a managed service either on your premises or at our Data Centre, we can mobilise your workforce allowing them access to e-mails and applications on the move.