BlueSaffron fax to email

BlueSaffron fax to email

BlueSaffron fax to emailis a fully featured fax service allowing you to send and receive faxes via email. If you already have email you already have everything you need to start sending and receiving faxes, there is nothing to download or hardware to buy.

Receiving Faxes

Contact our Support team who can set you up with your own number in minutes.

Faxes can be forwarded to your email address in either TIFF or PDF file formats and / or stored in you Web Inbox.

You pay nothing to receive faxes to a UK 087x number. People faxing you pay their telephone providers published tariff.

Sending Faxes

It's also simple to send faxes. Just as with ordinary email, you can:

Send Multiple File Types as Faxes

Most of the most common file types can be attached to an email to be delivered as a fax. Below is a sample of the file formats that can be sent as faxes either individually or in mixed combinations:

File ExtensionDescription
BMPGraphics File
DOCMicrosoft Word
EPSEncapsulated Postscript
GIFGraphics File
HTM & HTMLWeb Pages
JPG & JPEGGraphics Files
MHT & MHTMLMIME HTML (HTML and graphics combined in 1 file)
PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint
RTFRich Text Format
TIF & TIFFVarious TIF graphic files
TXTText File
WPSMicrosoft Works Document
XLSMicrosoft Excel
..... and more

Delivery to Multiple Locations

Faxes can be sent to multiple destinations either by adding multiple email address separated by a ';' in the 'To' field or for larger volumes or more personalised faxes by setting up an 'email merge'. For more details of how to set up an 'email merge' contact Blue Saffron Support


Reduce Costs - Increase Efficiency

Simple to Use, Reliable Technology

Auditable and Secure


Option 1: Enable anyone in your organisation to send faxes

Would you like anyone in your organisation to be able to send faxes via your PumaOne service?

How can this be done?

By default your service is configured so that only authorised email addresses can send faxes. By authorising your whole domain, anyone with an email address off your domain will be able to send a fax.

Option 2: SMS notification when you receive a fax

Do you need to know immediately when a fax has been sent to you?

By upgrading to SMS Notifications a SMS (or text) message will be sent to your mobile when a fax is received for you. The SMS will contain the fax number the fax was sent from (providing it has not been withheld) and the number of pages the fax is.

Who would benefit.

Option 3: Receive secure faxes

Are you concerned about people intercepting and reading your highly confidential faxes?

By upgrading to Secure Inbox faxes sent to you will be encrypted before being sent to your Inbox.

Option 4: Memorable fax to email numbers

A memorable fax number can increase repeat business and generate additional communications with your customers.