Blue Saffron - ISDN Access

The cost-efficient, faster alternative to dial-up

Internet access Faster connections to the Internet mean faster transfer times and lower connection charges than traditional dial-up Internet access. With local call rates anywhere in the UK and reliable speeds up to 128Kbps, compared with typical dial-up speeds of 33Kbps, our ISDN access gives you better access to the Internet. Our ISDN also connects faster than dial-up, with no “port busy” connection problems, so you get onto the Internet quickly when you need it.

Connect the network, not just the PC

With the reliable Lucent Pipeline 50 router that comes with our ISDN access, you can easily connect multiple PCs to the Internet using your Ethernet network. Alternatively, by upgrading to a Pipeline 75 router, you can also connect phone and fax to ISDN for transparent switching between communications services.

Maintaining your online reputation

To enhance your online presence, we also includes a free domain name – either registering a new name or transferring one you already own. Protecting your communications at all times, we back up email so that in the rare event of a service failure, no emails are lost or bounced, but are delivered once service is restored.

Global connections, local access

To ensure that your site is accessible worldwide to potential customers all the time, our Tier-1 network uses multiple links to Europe and the US – improving the efficiency and speed of internet traffic and enhancing the resilience and performance of the network. An extensive UK network means that you are close to a local loop, regardless of where you are based.

Technical Features
Fast connection times
Reduced call charges
Increased connection speed
Pay as you use