Blue Saffron IT Resource
Management Audit


A comprehensive, data oriented IT support and service discovery and audit process. The exercise, conducted by experienced Blue Saffron consultants, is designed to identify recommendations for financial, process, contractual and technical improvements to an IT environment. It is often used as a precursor to a more comprehensive out tasking engagement through the Blue Saffron IT Resource Management service.


The Blue Saffron IT Resource Management Audit is underpinned by proven combination of technical and human led reviews of your IT systems, physical infrastructure and 3rd party supplier agreements. Using our extensive technical and business experience, our consultants will conduct a thorough audit of your IT system, creating a detailed but focussed audit report.


Our award winning auditing software, AVG Managed Workplace, will execute a comprehensive and automatic discovery process, auditing network connected devices and checking server and workstation system health. The service can also audit software licenses and hardware warranties to validate compliance. Prime amongst benefits of using this approach are that a very fine grained level of detail can be extracted, providing the perfect complement to the manual audit.

Deeper and more specialist discovery on specific can be facilitated through our use of industry leading CA Nimsoft technology, further detail can be found here.

Consultant led discovery and interview

Almost invariably there are aspects of a technical audit that require manual discovery (either remotely or through an onsite visit).

A crucially important aspect of the IT audit process are interviews with your nominated stakeholders. Our preference is to talk to both managers and users in order to compile a complete picture of your IT system and its human landscape, identifying key issues at each level. We would typically look at security physical and technical, systems management and change processes. A clear definition of service level requirements and supply arrangements would normally be discussed at this stage.

Detailed Reporting

A number of detailed reports flow as a direct result of the AVG discovery based work, these typically encompass:

Audit Recommendations

In its fullest implementation the audit recommendations section is intended to identify:


Professional services planning advice including transition to full outsourcing of IT services where required and IT cost cutting advice. We specialise in solutions for SMEs with typically between 20 and 500 employees as well as larger operations.