Blue Saffron IT Resource Management

Including IT Outsourcing and Desktop Support

Blue Saffron IT Resource Management offers a full service range to facilitate lifecycle management of IT resources, including IT Outsourcing and a full range of IT Support Services including Desktop Support and Remote Computer Support. Based in London, we also support businesses all over the UK in IT resource management, IT cost cutting and IT support in general.

IT Resources Lifecycle
IT Resources Lifecycle (click to image to enlarge)

The core offering is designed to support the typical lifecycle of Information Technology system deployments, namely:


Acquisition of Component technologies and services

Deployment of Component technologies and services

Maintenance of Services

Blue Saffron Service Levels
Service Management (click image to enlarge)

Service Plans

The service boasts flexibility in features and deployment, the core building blocks are illustrated below:

Blue Saffron Service Levels
Blue Saffron Service Levels (click image to enlarge)

Blue Saffron operates a progressive and flexible support framework designed to accommodate the sharing of IT resource management responsibility.

The foundation of the Blue Saffron service offering is the monitoring of performance and availability of core customer infrastructure and services. This service is Notify and is designed to be modified to suit the specific circumstances within a customer environment.

Built upon Notify and the first step up is Resolve where Blue Saffron provide the primary initial port of call for end users. Under this guise we are responsible for conducting triage and in many instances resolving issues during first contact. This most commonly works to free up company IT staff to allow focus on other aspects of IT projects and management.

Professional” is an alternative engagement model in which Blue Saffron provide selective and, in many cases, all 2nd and 3rd line support, the customer continuing to run the front line service desk.

Our "Complete" service encompasses “Notify, “Resolve” and “Professional” in a single service package.

Our support services are commonly supplemented with a range of complementary capabilities.

Our Entrust service supports system and data security through a range of industry leading managed anti virus and backup capabilities.

Out-Hours Support The real world sometimes “fails” to wholly operate on a standard 9-5 schedule, this option can provide selective support outside this timeframe. Sometimes support issues demand an onsite presence. Smart Hands extends the reach of an IT team by providing the ability to attend customer site typically within 4 hours. Select from UK and International deployment options. Use the Maintenance option to manage the call out processes for third party hardware and services against a benchmarked Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Management of Process Change

We've worked hard to develop robust processes using the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) as a foundation. Our investment in business process technology enables bespoke customer requirements.

Retirement of Technology

BlueSaffron IT Resource Management Life Cycle

A schematic version of the fuller product and service

BlueSaffron IT Resource Management Life Cycle

A number of managed services underpin the Blue Saffron IT Resource Management platform, these are more fully described under the individual services section but include Blue Saffron Backup, specific advices on Operating System Hardening and access to a range of managed E-Mail and Security functionality.