BlueSaffron Managed Firewall

What is Blue Saffron Managed Firewall?

BlueSaffron Managed Firewall is a cost-effective managed security solution which can grow as your company grows.

It provides firewall protection between your network and the internet, protecting your business against hacking, viruses, fraud and sabotage.

We'll help you to configure it for your business via an easy-to-use web-based interface.

As your organisation grows, so does your Internet usage and your exposure to Internet threats. BlueSaffron Managed Firewall use a choice of technologies for example WatchGuard's Firebox, Nokia Checkpoint and Netscreen firewall appliances to provide the ideal solution - protection that can grow with your organisation.

These appliances provide firewall protection and VPN support, protecting your systems and data from malicious attacks, email-borne viruses and inappropriate use of the Internet. Using the latest technology and certified to industry standards, you can specify policies and access for individuals and groups - setting the security level that you need for your organisation.

Certified technology

Certified to the ICSA firewall and IPSec VPN standards, you can easily integrate appliances into your existing network infrastructure. With technology such as application proxies, firewall authentication and static, dynamic and one-to-one Network Address Translation (NAT), every piece of data sent or received between your network and the Internet is examined - in context - to determine its safety. Users are identified - and only those specifically allowed by you are permitted Internet access.

For managing multiple sites on a single Virtual Private Network (VPN), appliances include simplified VPN management - authenticating users, sending data to multiple destinations and giving mobile or remote users secure access and a personal firewall.

Protecting users

Yet the Internet has other potential problems for corporate users. To ensure that your broadband investment is used effectively and productively and your users do not access unproductive or inappropriate websites, appliances include content filtering. In addition, they include anti-virus software.

Technical Features
Stateful Packet Filtering
Application Security Proxies
Firewall Authentication
Static, Dynamic, and One-to-One NAT
Simplified VPN Management
Advanced reporting
Anti-Virus Licence
WebBlocker Content Filtering

Running a small business can mean being a jack of many trades - and IT and network administration often comes low on the list of overall priorities. Yet protecting your network is critical to the well-being of your business. According to a 2002 PWC/DTI report, 44 per cent of companies have suffered an Internet security breach in the last two years. And the average cost of a single breach was over £30,000. Can your business afford it?

For small and home office users running limited office networks, BlueSaffron Managed Firewall is a simple, cost-effective way of preventing malicious attacks on your network. With no technical knowledge required, our solution simply plugs into your infrastructure between your broadband router and your internal network, providing excellent "out-of-the-box" firewall protection.

Simple, cost-effective answer to network protection

BlueSaffron Managed Firewall is a low-cost, plug-and-play device forming an effective firewall, preventing unauthorised access to your network. With no complex set-up instructions, no lengthy configuration process and no complicated cabling issues - BlueSaffron Managed Firewall protects your network from harmful attacks from the moment it is plugged in.

Invisible network protection

Reducing the potential for malicious attacks, BlueSaffron Managed Firewall is invisible to the Internet and hackers. Fast throughput speeds mean that it monitors all Internet traffic without reducing your access speed, ensuring that your web use is not hindered. With a built-in four port network hub, networks of up to four PCs can now be run off BlueSaffron Managed Firewall without your having to buy a separate - and costly - network hub. For larger networks, BlueSaffron Managed Firewall can be simply connected to the network hub or switch.

BlueSaffron Managed Firewall is the ideal way of creating and protecting a simple network.

Technical Features
Simple point-and-click interface accessible via web browser
Limitless machine connectivity
Plug and play network security
Easy installation - no configuration required
WatchFront Firebrick firewall
WAN interface to ISDN, DSL, leased line or ethernet router
Four port LAN hub
Stealth mode no IP address
Throughput limit: 70Kbps
LAN-WAN latency approx. 1ms