BlueSaffron Messaging

BlueSaffron Messaging will help in improving "one to one" or "one to many" customer interaction.

With group functionality you can quickly and easily target individual or groups of contacts to get your message or business critical information to those who need it.

Through a web portal or desktop application utilising intelligent two way messaging, Short Message Service (SMS), Email and Paging has never been easier.

Available from any internet-connected computer wherever you are, Blue Saffron Messaging puts you in control of your message management and delivery.

It's Flexible

Be it checking messages from your desktop, receiving messages on your mobile when out of the UK , or re-directing messages to a colleague when you finish your shift, Blue Saffron Messaging offers youincreased flexibility.

Integrated messaging

The Blue Saffron Messaging service is network independent with the ability to route messages to all mobile, UK pagers and e-mail addresses. This allows paging services to be truly integrated with other forms of messaging in your business.

Secure and reliable

Blue Saffron Messaging services employ 128-bit encryption in a high-redundancy server environment, offering the assurance you need for business messaging.

Online retrieve

Access your messages via your secure online account from anywhere in the world.

Online divert

Create and manage divert profiles which will enable you to route your pager messages to any combination of pager, mobile phone or e-mail.

Online groups

Create and manage distribution lists to include pagers, mobiles and e-mail, providing powerful group broadcasts that you control.

Online messaging

Send pager messages from your desktop as an alternative to using the call centre, improving your efficiency and helping you control your call costs.

Online control

Manage and administer individual online services from a master control account. If you are responsible for administering your company's communications, Blue Saffron Messaging provides you with the assurance of control and account management through an administration account.

Group Messaging

A key component of any Business Continuity plan is the ability to broadcast incident alerts and status messages to many users via a single instruction.

Blue Saffron Messaging Groups offers powerful group messaging capability to allow alerts and messages to be quickly distributed to any combination of mobiles, pagers and e-mail.

You will be allocated a unique group number allowing broadcast messages to be generated through any of the connectivity routes. For example, messages to your Groups can be sent via the Call-Centre, from the web or direct from your own systems.

Blue Saffron Messaging Groups provide you with the ability to manage you recipient lists through a secure web-account with any changes being implemented in real-time. Your web-account also provides a message history log including delivery confirmations.

Applications might typically include: