Blue Saffron Mobile Management

Mobile workspaces for business growth

From the small business to the enterprise, mobile technologies are creating new workspaces that defy the conventional network. Enhancing productivity by increasing employee off-site availability and providing tools for greater efficiency has obvious advantages, but are these benefits in proportion to the new risks to your company data. As data is being shared across an increasing number of end-points both inside and outside the network with employees bringing their own devices (BYOD), traditional security functions are often breached as new devices and technologies from the consumer world invade the corporate space. Corporate data is now more easily shared externally by employees and vulnerable to loss, theft and misuse. Mobile Management presents real challenges for businesses such that Gartner’s May 2012 report outlined how “Mobile Device Management [has become] essential for IT success”.

The good news is that there are many technologies available, but not all will fit your requirements.

How to create a mobile management strategy

Good mobile management requires you look first to your company policy. A mobile policy should define what is and what is not acceptable and resolve some fundamental questions:

Company policy decisions will guide your mobile management strategy, defining how you enforce policy:

Blue Saffron fully understands the challenges of managing a mobile workforce and can help you define company policy, design and implement your mobile strategy and manage your mobile solution.

What can a mobile management system offer

The landscape is crowded with tools and technologies – Blue Saffron has invested heavily into researching best of breed technologies that are most appropriate to your functional requirement, sector and size of business. We will navigate you through this and recommend the most appropriate technology for your needs. Blue Saffron’s Mobile Management features include;


Device Operations

  • Data backup & restore
  • Data segmentation
  • Remote troubleshooting/ diagnostics
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Software installation
  • Profile management

Fleet Overviews

  • Management reporting
  • Asset auditing
  • Service monitoring
  • Policy enforcement

Loss/Theft Protection

  • Remote wiping
  • Device locking
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Theft alert