Blue Saffron Mobile

Why Blue Saffron Mobile?

More flexible working practices can boost efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and reveal new business opportunities: which is why research indicates that seven in every 100 employees are now issued with a mobile handset.

Additionally Mobile data gives you access to the Web, e-mail, company files and applications while you're out of the office. Now you can work anywhere, anytime.

Mobile e-mail enables you to respond to customers and process orders without delay, thereby improving customer relations and closing sales in shorter periods of time. You can also use mobile e-mail during travel time to tackle your inbox so you can hit the ground running when you reach the office. Basically, you'll be more productive more of the time.

Blue Saffron Mobile manages business mobile data services including mobile e-mail and remote network access via Nokia Business Centre BlackBerrys, PDAs and 3G Datcards. We partner with leading vendors and networks to bring you the best business solutions at the lowest rates possible.

However, the widespread use of mobile phones has brought problems of control and expenditure: many companies can pay up to a third more than necessary for their mobile usage. The total costs involved in owning and operating the infrastructure to support a mobile employee can be hard to measure and difficult to monitor.

Just consider some of the complex issues in managing a fleet of mobile phones:

But a mobile fleet that is difficult to monitor or where the costs are hard to identify can seriously hamper the benefits of business mobility. Blue Saffron fully understands the challenges of cost control and service in the mobile market.

What is Blue Saffron Mobile?

BlueSaffron Mobile is a service which will help you to reduce complexity, cut costs, save time and free up resources, delivering:

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BlueSaffron has a number of innovative mechanisms and technologies in place to assist in reducing the cost of roaming charges.