Blue Saffron PhoneCard

What is Blue Saffron PhoneCard?

BlueSaffron PhoneCard is a pre-paid phone card with value added functionality

Mobile roaming charges are continually in the headlines and never before has the cost of calling home or the office whilst abroad been under greater scrutiny.

Blue Saffron Phonecards provide an effective Mobile Phone roaming substitute often saving up to 80% on the equivalent call made over the Mobile Operator's network.

Whether you are a consumer traveling on holiday and want to stay in touch with relatives at home or a coporate traveler, you can both benefit from the substantial savings.

With web enabled activation and Top-Ups the fully featured phonecard is conevenient and easy to use.

The service can be branded and sold to your customers as an extra service, or within a holiday package

It offers you the chance for additional revenue and customer feedback, and gives you the chance to enhance your brand messaging by putting it directly in your customers' hands!

Blue Saffron services are provided by Tier 1 providers from Blue Saffron's stable of world-class suppliers to ensure top quality and great value

Typical Users include:

What are the Benefits to our Partners?

You introduce a valuable tool for your business, giving you:

While at the same time you are improving your brand awareness and providing a high-value service on behalf of your customers

What are the Benefits to Consumers?

BlueSaffron PhoneCard can be used to dial from anywhere to anywhere. Customers can dial from a landline, callbox, or from a mobile phone either at home or abroad.

They benefit from the use of a top-quality network and a low-cost way to dial home while they are on holiday. The call rates are very attractive and there are no connection fees or minimum call charges.

They can also get better access to you, using processes you set up, during their stay

About Blue Saffron and ABTA

Blue Saffron is an ABTA Travel Industry Partner.  Travel Industry Partners are companies with UK offices whose primary business is the provision of products, services or information sold or used by ABTA Members.  Membership of the scheme does not imply compliance with the ABTA Code of Conduct or any protection under the ABTA scheme of financial protection.

Next Steps

Taking advantage of BlueSaffron PhoneCard is quick and easy

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