Blue Saffron Phone

What is Blue Saffron Phone?

Both traditional telephony Blue Saffron Phone or more recent voice over IP (VOIP) or cloud telephony BlueSaffron Horizon solutions play a central role in the service portfolio.

Using a variety of simple access methods, Blue Saffron will seamlessly take your calls and connect them via proven national,international or mobile networks. Our network partners are best of breed and are carefully selected to allow us to drive competitive economics without compromising quality or service.

Transition is seamless and rapid, with on-line account management and reporting


Simple Pricing, Great Value

High Quality

Works with Landlines, non-BT lines, and Mobiles

BlueSaffron Phone also includes a range of:

Inbound services

Including Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Call Queuing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functions are also available.

The use of intelligent Inbound services could provide an invaluable component to your Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity procedures.

Non-Geographic numbers

Give you the ability to quickly re-route calls to an alternative geographic number which could be a disaster recovery site or backup office.

These services are typically provided through the use of non-geographic numbers including 0800 (freephone), 0845 (local rate), 0870 (national rate), and 0900 (premium rate) numbers.

Calling Features

Whether to cope with a major incident such as loss of access to premises or simply to add intelligence to your phone system, you can choose to invoke a number of Blue Saffron Phone services that will ensure that your business can continue to operate effectively. Select Services for example are a suite of additional functions on your BT Exchange lines that can allow you to divert your lines to other offices or mobiles whenever necessary.

Most common requests include:

BlueSaffron Call Assurance

Gives you the power to re-route high volume ISDN30 calls to either an alternative number en masse or using unique technology it is possible to invoke any number of pre-defined call plans that can divert calls on an individual DDI basis.

Telephony Service Options

In order to ensure effective Telephony Business Continuity it is essential to consider appropriate resilience e.g. Dual Telephony Processors, Analogue backup to ISDN lines and adequate maintenance cover. Blue Saffron have a range of Service Level options that expand the horizon of traditional working practice.

Rapid, Seamless Transition

On-Line Account Management and Reporting

Quarterly Account Review

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