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BlueSaffron Procurement

Smarter procurement is an ever growing focus for companies. World-class procurement organizations generate 133% greater return on their investment in procurement than typical companies, driving a 3.6 times multiple to the company's bottom line for every £1 in procurement operations costs, according to 2005 Book of Numbers Research from The Hackett Group.

According to Hackett, world-class procurement organizations also show dramatically improved effectiveness over typical companies. They now operate with 46% fewer suppliers, are nearly five times more likely to be involved in enterprise-wide planning initiatives, and make much greater use of cross-functional teams for supplier sourcing, selection/negotiation, and partnering/development.

Blue Saffron is placed perfectly amongst "best of breed" suppliers. The relationships with these suppliers ensure that the purchases we make are always competitive.

From affordable entry level phones to products that deliver advanced applications to the desktop, Blue Saffron offers a broad range of hardware.

Blue Saffron can assist in the entire lifecycle management of technology, hardware and software purchase, through ultimately and additionally into the disposal cycle.