Blue Saffron Service Monitoring

One of the primary foundations of successful IT management   is the measurement  and reporting  of contractual performance against an  agreed  service level  - there can be many dimensions to this  -

This might involve reporting variously against service Availability (e.g. have my services exceeded the agreed uptime), Performance Monitoring (e.g. how long is the average response time of a server)). Request based  (e.g. how long did it take to complete a process , for example respond  to an incident), and External Compliance  Monitoring (e.g. access data processed by third party, did I fullfill).

The broadening scope and availability of applications run and delivered remote from customer premises as  “Cloud” and  “Software as a Service (SaaS)”  combined with the promise of  lower cost of ownership and simpler integration process are driving many companies to consider hybrid IT environments to support their business requirements. For many companies  today’s business applications are running ona mix of  SaaS, cloud, and managed environments, as well as in virtualized environments and the legacy datacenter,. The most prevalent of these business applications  are currently  email, accounting, customer services and  sales force automation.

This could be internal to a company or lodged with a number of third party providers.

A typical arrangement for management responsibility is illustrated below:

The net result of this can be complexity –  a unified or overarching visibility  hard to achieveand or many companies, it has traditionally been difficult to cost effectively monitor and manage service level delivery. With traditional monitoring solutions, monitoring a business service housed entirely in the internal data center was often difficult in its own right. Much of the frustration with legacy solutions is that, to get a full view of the performance and availability of an internal business service, IT needs to deploy anywhere from 6 to 12 products with added dimension that in many instances management responsibility can be varied by service platform.

Management responsibilities vary by delivery platform
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The  solution: As a managed service provider Blue Saffron provide visibility into the performance of its services  but  importantly  can further extend this capability to encompass third party and internal arrangements aand further drive measurement to complex areas (e.g. end user experience monitoring) only  normally associated with high end (and expensive) systems..  We use a number of industry leading  tools and techniques to track service performance and SLA - , prime amongst these are products and services from Nimsoft (advanced monitoring) , Kaseya (monitoring and management) and ICCM (service desk).

Through the Nimsoft Monitoring Solutions (NMS) Blue Saffron is capable of delivering the visibility needed to monitor and manage performance across all these environments—

With its combination of comprehensive coverage, ease of use, and scalability, NMS enables organizations to leverage existing and emerging technologies and services, with unprecedented agility and ROI.

A fuller description of system capabilities illustrated below:

Nimsoft Interactive Solutions Diagram
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Management responsibilities vary by delivery platform
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a). Unified Monitoring Portal

Through Nimsoft Blue Saffron provides an intuitive, Web 2.0-based mechanism to interact with the Monitoring Solution, the centre of which is the unified monitoring portal.

Management responsibilities vary by delivery platform
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From this drill down into the detail of infrastructure and applications – the possibilities are boundless.

Business orders Business infrastructure Network status Component performance

These features are complemented by customised customer dashboards, which can provide an integrated IT and business overview of service levels and monitoring within a diverse , some samples are shown below:

b), Business and Service Level Monitoring

NMS for SLAs tracks operations and business service levels against SLA metrics, and forecasts violations with warning alerts. The product is uniquely positioned to support ITIL and other quality initiatives.

Some sample reports are shown below:

Business and Service Level Monitoring
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End User response Time monitoring

The Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) for end user response enables organizations to get comprehensive and accurate insights into the levels of performance end users actually receive from the IT infrastructure.

There are two end user response monitoring solutions:

  1. active monitoring and
  2. passive monitoring.

These solutions can be used individually or in tandem. Used in tandem, these complementary solutions offer the most complete end user monitoring picture available in the industry.

Active monitoring

With Nimsoft’s active monitoring solutions, administrators can set up automated, synthetic transactions that consistently and repeatedly mirror actual end user interactions with a given IT service. This solution is ideal for creating a constant, predictable baseline for monitoring user performance.

A sample visualisation of an end to end monitoring process is shown below:

Active Monitoring
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Passive Monitoring

Nimsoft’s passive monitoring solutions measure the performance that real end users are actually experiencing at any given point in time. This solution monitors applications through passive network analysis, inspecting all packets, and measuring the intervals between a request and a response, for example. The technology is R(eal) U(ser) M(onitoring) or RUM.

d). Datacenter and network monitoring

NMS delivers comprehensive monitoring insights in these areas:


NMS enables administrators to monitor and fully optimize their virtual environments, featuring solutions for all major server virtualization vendors, including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, IBM, and Sun.

NMS FeaturesVMware VSphere and VirtualCenterMS Hyper-VCitrix XenServerSun Solaris ZonesIBM PowerVM
Resource pools and resource controls
Template-based checkpoint and QoS measurements


With NMS, organizations can monitor all their critical applications, including Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and IIS; Lotus Notes; SharePoint; VoIP; Citrix; WebSphere; and many others.


With NMS, organizations can monitor all their critical applications, including Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and IIS; Lotus Notes; SharePoint; VoIP; Citrix; WebSphere; and many others.


NMS provides real-time and comprehensive database health check monitoring for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, DB2, Informix, and more.


NMS delivers comprehensive monitoring coverage of the entire network infrastructure, including Cisco IPSLA; DNS, DHCP, and LDAP; SNMP; routers and switches; and traffic.

e). Private Cloud Monitoring

There is much work being performed within the confines of the organisational firewall, with the ability to exhibit fine grained control over resources and security and priority the growth of these has been phenomenal;

Nimsoft solutions allows rapid deployment within this environment and unparalleled scalability. Through its API It is possible to build new application probes. The full suite of visualisation and service level features can be deployed within this environment.

f). Public Cloud Monitoring

The Nimsoft solution offers excellent support for various public cloud services:

A sample of commercially available applications is below, Nimsoft has integrated with many of these right out of the box.

Key to success in this arena have been the applications API’s, scalability and speed of setup – and again the ability to provide unified view of disparate data sources.