Essential Business Services in Communications and IT

Managed Services, Outsourcing IT, Data Communications, Desktop Support, Fixed and Mobile Telecoms, Internet, Server Management, WAN.....we provide the IT life support every business needs.

We are one of London and the UK’s leading independent suppliers of services to businesses, managed communications and IT. Based in London, with a nationwide customer base, we help companies to rationalise, improve upon and realise enhanced business benefits from IT and technology through the provision of managed services and outsourced IT management.

Whether you are looking for fixed line or mobile telecommunications, wide area network services, internet access or IT services such as desktop and server management, remote computer support, project management or virtualisation, Blue Saffron can help.

We package, price and bill our services clearly and simply, with a unique commitment to intelligent customer service. Our independence makes sure we are completely impartial and can leverage our stable of world-class suppliers to meet your needs.

Take a look around our website and, as a potential customer, partner, or employee, please get in touch; we are always keen to hear your comments, questions or suggestions.

Blue Saffron - Life Support Systems for Business

Managed Services. Outsourced IT. Data Communications. Desktop Support. Remote Computer Support. Fixed and Mobile Telecoms. Internet. Server Management. Wide Area Networks. Project Management. Virtualisation.